Metrics missing in event result

In my ride result,some metrics are not shown : NP 20m,5m,1m30s,15s. no max heart freq.
why ?

and by the way, what is NP ?

In the ranking I appear 4th. which is really strange to me as I got dropped like 5km from the line !


NP is Normalized Power, another term for weighted power - your average power ignoring any time your were riding but not putting out any power (ie. freewheeling).

Give it some time to process results - you will notice a lot of other riders are missing data and a lot of riders also dont have processed fit files yet - once Zwiftpower has processed everything, fingers x’ed, your results should be accurate. These days I dont bother looking until 24hrs later but if loads of big events are on (say ZTRL and Tours) then it can take longer as they seem to prioritise event processing.

Still nothing… U think it can be that long ?

Too long - send an email off to with a link to your profile, the event id (1602912) and your request (your post details).

I can see a lot of people in that event still (and others) in the same position so I suspect they have a bit of a problem in the background. Very frustrating for uswhen it happens.

Just came across this. Its not exactly good news but at least your voice is not alone.

Missing data from several races