Metric & Imperial

Hello Zwitf Staff, In your writings/announcements could you add the Imperial system along with the metric system for those of us in the U.S. Maybe something like this: Stage 1 takes on 51km/31.69mi of Watopia’s Mega Pretzel, including the Epic KOM Reverse, and Watopia Hilly KOM, before finishing at the top of the Volcano Climb, with a total cumulative elevation of around 800m/2,624.8ft.
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Hi @_Top-Gun_DockRider

I’ve always ridden in miles in the real world but, since getting onto Zwift, I’ve switched to kilometres.

I finally “gave in” because metric is what the Tour de France uses, it’s what most of the world uses, and we earn XP slightly quicker in metric. And it’s what most Zwifters seem to use.

So come on over to the metric side - Zwift is a great place to get used to it. :wink:


I can’t do it.
It just sounds too cold outside :cold_face: .

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Well, for us it sounds deadly over there haha but I’m sure you can do it! After all, Zwift doesn’t have temperature :wink:

Why not have both?

I disagree. Cycling is a metric sport. The whole developed world is metric. No reason to live in the 18th century. It is time to change. Metric system is much easier to use, too.

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I think you misunderstood the request.
Are you disagreeing with having the Imperial system of measurement “ADDED / IN ADDITION TO” the metric system in the emails and correspondences? Why?
They’re both available in-game. Guess why.
Here in the STATES we’re on the Imperial system, why would you have a problem seeing both?
I’m just asking for it to be added so we here in the STATES don’t have to google it all the time. LOL
However it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen.

Take care & Be safe

“Why not have both?” Is a good question.

I’m pretty sure I saw both last year - at least sometimes - but Zwift’s staff are human and sometimes the numbers would be wrong - sometimes a ride would be 14km but a description would say it was 14 miles, or vice versa. Keeping to one set all the time means there’s less chance of confusion.

I’m curious to know what happens with cycling on TV in the US. When the Tour de France is shown on NBC, do all the stats on screen get converted to miles and feet, or do the commentators just talk in km and metres? Watching UK coverage in metric is one of the things which gradually helped me convert.

“Furthermore, I think the imperial system should be destroyed”.

USA, Liberia, Myanmar. Perhaps it’s too soon to make jokes about correlation between state of democracy and usage of the imperial system? :wink:

(let air/sea traffic be an exception)

They switch between the two. Ie metric will be displayed for a while on the data stream on the top then it’ll switch to imperial every once in a while, IIRC.

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_Top-Gun_DockRider, I cannot see how this can happen because Zwift has an international user base, with more users coming from Canada, Australia, and European countries than from the U.S. When they send announcements or e-mails to users, they send the same information to everyone. A system which somehow separates users based on their preference to metric or imperial in the game is relatively difficult to set up and maintain. If Zwift cannot create an option for starting a new route without exiting the program and logging in again, despite years and years of begging and despite even recent promise from their CEO that this would be done, how can one expect Zwift to customize e-mails per user preferences?
I can tell from my experience, after 6 months of riding in metric on Zwift, I will reprogram my bike computer to metric without hesitation when outdoor riding season starts, even though I have always used imperial system for biking. If one gets into more in-depth analyses of rides, e.g., with TrainingPeaks, WKO5, GoldenCheetah, or whichever one’s preference is, dealing with imperial units can become a freaking nightmare, as units of energy and work do not mix well with imperial length units. There is no reason to stuck with imperial whatsoever. I know it is a habit and all, but metric is so much easier to use. Just a simple example, 370 feet elevation over a mile of road, what grade does this correspond to? And how about another example, 120 vertical meters over 1 km of road? 120/1000 = 12%. Easy. How would you do the same with feet and miles in your head?? 5280 feet per mile… 370/5280… Sorry, I do not have a computer in my head… Who has invented such user-unfriendly system of units? Fine, one can do math in inches separately, math in feet separately, math in miles separately, but they do not mix well. The world probably thinks we are dumb and cannot count beyond 12.

“how can one expect Zwift to customize e-mails per user preferences?”
So you call “adding” the Imperial equivalent of metric to an email “customized” WOW!
And I though it was just word processing, you know a few extra characters.

I understand your new found love for the metric system, good for you I wish I could adapt to it like you did but it’s not going to happen for me.
There’s a segment (mostly in the U.S.) that are more familiar with the Imperial system.
I’m only asking for the Imperial to be “ADDED”.
I don’t understand how you can be so against this when nothing changes for you but would help those who prefer the Imperial system like me. Don’t you like me? I’m a good guy! LOL
Look Andrei (57km/35mi) I did it using 5 extra characters and Google! LOL

I like you and I understand your concern. However, in my (relatively short) time on Zwift, I learned a little bit about Zwift’s reluctance to change anything in response to customer requests. I also can see how Zwift proactively encourages metric system, e.g., through such a subtle thing as a higher rate of accruing XPs when you are on metric (20 XP per km or 30 XP per mile). I am very confident that they will not respond to your request, neither on this forum, nor elsewhere. I am trying to suggest a path which has a higher probability of success for you - adopt the metric system instead of resisting it. You have nothing to lose, really. If Zwift would do anything in response to customers’ requests, just one thing, I would like it to be the ability to start a new route without logging out of Zwift and logging back again. There were many requests repeated over and over again on forums, and Zwift has never responded. This is the the reality. Customer service is not their strength.

Andrei, I understand everything you’re saying. But… what I don’t understand is why you won’t vote my request up. Nothing changes for you but you could potentially help others like me, (and you say you like me). LOL Come on Andrei give me a vote, what’s the harm let’s see if it works (please).

And… I too would like to be able to change worlds without logging out, relaunching the program and logging back in again that would be great. But to compare that request to what I’m asking for is HUGE, can you imagine the programming nightmare that would be since it wasn’t baked-in from the start. All I’m asking for is a few more keystrokes added to a document BIG difference.

BTW, I originally sent this request to the staff to which they responded the next day telling me they would send it up the food chain and to post it here on the form for more traction. So that’s all I’m doing. I don’t know if you know this but Zwitf is an American company, HQ located in Long Beach, California U.S.A. which is (32km / 20mi) :grinning: from me.(see how I added both systems, easy)

But if you still feel that my request doesn’t deserve your vote (I said please) so be it.

You have a great day and if you’re able to ride outside, be safe and get those (km / mi) in.
Take care