method to cap speed or w/kg?

yesterday I saw someone had the downhill sprint record at around 1.3 seconds, which is about 4x faster than the previous records I had seen. It would seem there was a trainer/data error on that rider/segment. is there some way to set up a max w/kg or max speed check in the system (even capped at a pro level) that would automatically reject performances like that? i know it’s just a game, and i’m not disheartened by it…it just seems easy enough to catch and fix.

There certainly should be a way. I’ve suggested to strava as well that some sort of logic be used to flag efforts that are clearly not attainable (the leave the gps on for the car ride home issue). With the volume of users on swift, some sort of stat analysis that looked at an effort, and, if w/kg were beyond world class, exclude them. Maybe eve stop the user and ask them to recalibrate, check their weight, etc.

I’ve been thinking about this while spinning on the hamster wheel. I’ve been doing my firm paced rides at around 3.5 to 4.5 w/kg and then seeing someone do a whole lap at >7w/kg and I think I speak for a lot of people to say that is a tad demotivating. Call it a game or call it a beta, but Zwift has created a game economy and they are the federal reserve now in charge of it.

But I’m not just here to toss out criticism. I think the ideal way to solve this is to expect the best of people. I suspect most people riding a Tony Martin time trial in Zwift have no intention of doing some screwy. So here is what I would change in Zwift.

If my ride performance is really unusual the system should prompt me to say that it looks like something may be up and suggest some fixes. This may involve running a calibration routine on a power meter or in the case of zpower turning the knob a half turn to create more reasonable friction on the drum. I believe most people want to do the right thing and will do so if the application prods them a little.