Idea for W/kg off the scale

In this morning’s ride another rider with a “dumb” trainer was sweeping every jersey and showing power outputs that would dismay a pro tour rider. The overage was so steady that I can only assume it was hardware. Rather than upset every rider on the course, how about giving a rider the ability to reject the jerseys and delete his/her times from the leader board? Peer pressure is the only real way to control honesty so why not give everyone the chance to proclaim their integrity?

I agree, it’s not that big of a deal since this is a free beta version, but I hope in the consumer release this is addressed in some way. In ~90 miles of riding I’ve only seen two or three people on smart trainers/power meters sustain more than 3 w/kg for more than short bursts (less than a minute or two), yet there are people doing laps at 10 w/kg average on “dumb” trainers. The simplest way to address this would be to create two zones in the game, and you could let people with standard trainers submit a Strava or Garmin file to establish maximum performance parameters that would kick in to limit these anomalous numbers.

3 W/kg is not at all hard to maintain for longer periods if you’re a strong rider but when you see a person riding nearly 6W/kg for a full lap (which by the way is near Armstrong/EPO/Tdfwinning power) while ALSO snagging the green jersey (meaning a sprint of over 1000W) during that lap you know it’s being falsified, probably through manipulating the rider weight number.

Since there is a HUGE disparity in fitness levels it’d be hard to enforce but I do agree it needs attention.

Many people can do 6W/kg for 6-7 minutes. The Pros do it at the end of a stage of 200+km for 45min (Nibali last year in the tour 6.3)

So they could go allmost an hour straight from the start?