Watt/kg limit

(Pal Kristoffer Sorvoll) #1

It is, as you surely are aware, many who cheat on Zwift by not register correct weight or otherwise affect the watt measurements used on Zwift. It is easy to find many cyclists who, according to Strava, are able to ride with over 1,000 watts or more than 15 watt/kg for 4-5 minutes. It is strange that so many cyclists are able to generate a lot more watts than the world’s best professional cyclists can do outdoors. To get a more accurate picture of the performance you could perhaps limit how many watt/kg it is possible to register in different time periods, ranging from 10 seconds and up to 10 minutes. It would also be nice if there had been a minimum weight, in reality there are very few cyclists who weigh less than 60 kg.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

My son will be using Zwift soon and he weights less than 60kg and I am sure there are a lot of kids that use Zwift and are less than 60kg. So you are saying that all the kids in Zwift should be penalized for weighting less than 60kg?

Yes there are cheaters on Zwift and they will always find a way to cheat, but lets police them with out penalizing honest riders.

(Roman Priesol) #3

I know many cyclist that weights less than 60 kg, so this is not a good idea. Much better would be use weight value from Garmin or Strava profile + it could update FTP value automatically. I really like connected features without need to modify the same values on many places.

(Ryan Christianson) #4

Is there still a minimum weight limit?  My son is at 35kg, and he feels he is still being punished for his weight, as the watts/kg is still not calculating correctly?  Is there any plans for this to change?