17 w/kg ....really?!?

Some guy passed me on the Watopia forward KoM doing 17 watts per k/g. Are you shitting me?!? 

Too many people are ‘digital doping’ their Zwift rides. As long as you allow this to happen Strava segments are irrelevant.  

There should be a wattage threshold that Red Flags any rider putting up unreasonable results. Either make them verify their weight or make it so they are unable to post/save the ride in question. 


The system already flags users who are super-human.  17w/kg is not super human at all in short bursts, but if the person kept it up for long they would have been flagged and none of their times would count on the leaderboards in Zwift.

Typically it takes around 5 minute for the auto-flag to kick in, and the user will disappear from your view and list.