Indication of weight for children in Zwift - realistic watt values in zwift

Hello, everyone,

I like to ride together with my 7 year old son in zwift. It is always a little bit difficult for us to find the right settings on his bike trainer. Ultimately, we are pursuing 2 goals (together driving and real assessment of its performance) and therefore we need 2 setups. An adapted one in which we are on the road as fast as possible and one that is as close to reality as possible. You know what I mean? My son weighs 30kg and we must inevitably state 45kg as the minimum weight.

We use an elite roller trainer Novo Mag Force combined with the Garmin Speed and Cadence Sensor. The manual adjustment allows us to adjust the level of difficulty so that we can drive together. But it would also be important for him to know how much watt he kicks and how realistically he is in Zwift. Unfortunately, the weight cannot be adjusted to less than 45kg. I already know that due to the trainer you can have variations of up to 15% in the watt rating. But it would still be nice to know its real values.

Do you have any idea what we can do?

Zwift has stated that they are going to make improvement for light weight children so they can put in their correct weight.