Junior Weight Limit

Hi! I see that this topic has been discussed before but my 12 year old son has recently joined Zwift (he loves it) but his weigh is affecting his performance numbers. Minimum is 99 pounds! He weighs 82. My other son will follow soon and he weighs only 70. It would be great if Zwift (who I am very grateful for, free accounts and the chance to ride regardless of his age) could modify this for junior racers. Thank you.

I would love for child accounts to have the ability to enter their correct weight. My son only weighs 30kg with an FTP of 80w, but he has to enter his weight as 45kg essentially penalizing him by 50%.

My boy loves Zwift, but the weight handicap makes that he cant be competitive in races

Make sure you vote up the main Feature Request for this: Junior Rider Weight- Needs a lower minimum