Junior Rider Weight- Needs a lower minimum

I have a 7 year old who wants to participate in the juniors’ ride and race events.  He weighs 24kg but the Zwift min weight is 45kg.  It is frustrating for him to be at such a disadvantage when he rides with his peers.   

Is there a way to fix this for juniors to allow kids to ride fairly?

Hi Michael, 


With more and more juniors joining Zwift, lowering the minimum weight is something we are exploring. 

exactly the same probleme here … whats with the exploration?

Same. Poor 8 year old is on the trainer and very sad because he’s not going anywhere. :frowning: I’m going to have to investigate other ways of “doping” him to make up for the fact that he’s pulling double his weight around.

Agree. This is discouraging for my 8yo. hope there is a fix soon.

bump on this topic… any updates on lowering the minimum weight?  been ~6 months since the official reply.  8 yr old is super excited but the 99 lb limit vs his 59 lb weight is a bit sucky… more fun when he can keep up with more riders.

Agree. My 9 year old is so motivated, but this disadvantage is not fair and causes frustration… Dear developers, please fix the problem. Thanks.

My name is Ryan and I am 10 years old. I weigh 31 kg but the weigh ristricksion is a disaddvantig for me.

please change this i put on my santa list


code on

My daughter is 9 and weighs 74lbs. This was fine until I tried to update her flag last week (as a more relevant one has been made available). Then I was told I could not update her account because the weight limit is a minimum of 99lbs. Come on Zwift, this is an easy fix surly???

Okay, I am 12 and love zwift. Im 37kg and it says I am 45kg. My FTP is 205 so it should be 5.7 but it is 4.5. That is a big difference for whole Epic KOM.

Why would Zwift make this a priority? Juniors don’t pay!

Only things that drive more paying customers or get current customers to pay more take priority.

Such a bummer this has not been addressed. My 9yo was hot to trot and had his bike all set up, but the weight issue left him unable to ride with me and others so he is on to something else.

A.) I pay because my parents weren’t using it. 

B.) We will be paying.


Crystal from the Zwift Support suggested to add my respective request in this Forum post. As i can see now it is all just said. And what my 17kg Kian with an average output of about 30 W would like mostly is finally joining a Group ride instead of riding on his own (indeed he is doing that for hours). Maybe there will be an Xmas present from the Zwift developers for our next generation B(ike)? 


One more kid pilling on with the same comments.  Carson is 10 years old and is 61 lbs.  He was stoked to finally get approved for his own account but now he found out how much of a disadvantage he will be at.  Please help the juniors.

We have an 8 and a 6 year old, both able and wanting to Zwift.  Come on - what’s the issue here - lower the minimum to 40lbs.  If an adult wishes to cheat/incorrectly-enter-weight at 40lbs, it will be so apparent it won’t be funny.

Come on, this cant be much more than a configuration change.  Or is it?

Please lower the minimum weight! Zwift is an incredible motivator for kids of all ages but it is super discouraging for kids to have to ride around with a virtual 50 lb backpack! 

I’m super curious as to why this isn’t “fixed” yet? Is it way more complicated then it seems? From a business point of view think about how many new lifelong customers you will gain. From a “doing good in this world” standpoint, think of how sharing workouts builds relationships! Thanks for the great game- and thanks in advance for making it even better!

Thank you for accommodating younger riders as paying members, and for confirming parental consent. Please, please, please update your code to address the weight issue. A 34% weight penalty for my 11 year old daughter does not seem fair. It makes any metrics for the under-99 lb paying members pointless all around. Is it actually difficult to fix this?

Another request from my super skinny 8 year old too please! He is so keen to have a go it is a shame the littlies are at such a disadvantage - zwifting is hard enough already :slight_smile:

Another one. 31kg 9 year old

Try updating within the Zwift app. My son was able to do it from the menu screen: he set his weight to 80 lbs. Couldn’t do it on the mobile app or the website.