Adult weigt limit below 45kg

Hello, i would like to address the problem about weight limit. I am adult female, but very small and i weight 39 kilograms. I tried to train on my husband account but i can’t enter my weight so it was very hard for me and very slow. I wanted to create my own account but now i change my mind. I can’t ride like this. I hope you will fix that, i believe i am not the only one having this issues. This way you may be losing some subscribes.
Have a nice day.

All cheaters will vote this! :smirk:
So they can put 35kg in their profiles, as Zwift physics simulation is mostly related with weight, then the speed will be really huge… :joy:

I understand, but they can cheat with 45kg too. Its just that it is not fair, they can’t decide peoples weight. What about kids? They have 20 kg for example… I don’t have the experience like other people do. :frowning:

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6 kg isn’t going to make that much difference, power is power and weight doesn’t get factored in as much until you are going up hill, lighter riders will be faster.


As I started with Zwift my weight was 83kg.
I was losing weight quite fast. I was on 73kg before changed it in Zwift.
Didn’t notice any difference. (I don’t look at the small w/kg numbers all the time when going uphill).

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Well maybe if you did you would have noticed a huge difference.


Yes i agree. These numbers are important for me, for my personal progress. And yes there is huge difference.

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Welcome. I agree that there should not be a lower or upper weight limit, we are all different. If people are going to cheat, they will do it regardless.
+1 for inclusivity


They would only be cheating themselves by lowering their weight

I don’t understand why there is a minimum weight. Surely the programmers can adjust the algorithms to cope with lower weights. If there are cheaters, they’ll cheat regardless of if the lower weight is 45 or 35kg.

Personally, I’m new to zwift and am just under 47kg at 152cm. There are people that fall far outside of ‘average’ height and weight and i don’t know why there is a limiter on this. We come in all shapes and sizes! Knowing there is potentially a point where I will be disadvantaged because I can’t enter my real weight is frustrating.

People can say they don’t notice a difference, but the fact is weight is programmed to be a factor of speed in Zwift, as it is in real life, and I don’t see anyone voluntarily increasing their weight.

Zwift support can change your weight. They do it for child accounts.
I’m sure if you reach out to them, they can for you too.

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Don’t worry about speed in Zwift.

Light riders are surprisingly fast on the flat, sure you can check this.
Now think how hard is in real life for you going at speeds above 32-33km/h or 35km/h on the flat, and you will be see that speeds more easy in Zwift. :wink:

They sadly don’t support weights under 45kg for kids accounts. My kids are both 31kg and can barely get their avatars to move as they are stuck with a minimum weight of 45kg.