Metal Shavings coming out of Zwift Hub One after 3 rides - Bike canyon Grizl

My cycle is canyon Grizl and this is what happened after 3 rides. Is is beyond repair ? or can I still use it ?


Are those metal shavings? I would stop using immediately and contact support.

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yes they are metal shavings. Thanks for the response. Contacted the support they are not very responsive. Chat seems to be disabled too.

If you within in the 30 day return period, you might be able get them to exchange it for the new Wahoo Kickr Zwift One.

See FAQs for info .

I could be wrong but thought all Canyon Grizl bikes had a 12x142mm rear axle but it looks like you mounted the bike with the quick release adaptors installed. Is the bike quick release?

Are all the metal shavings coming from that lock ring you’re holding in your hand?

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James makes a good point. You need to install the thru-axle adapters.

If the shavings came from inside the trainer then you might be interested in this thread.

Hello As per the description of my cycle I do have a quick release in the back. Can you see that in the image ? * Canyon GP0235-01

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That’s a thru-axle, not a quick release

12x142 = thru axle

Also, before you start working on removing the quick release adapters, you should review this thread and take care. It may be much tighter than you expect and you may need to remove the cassette to get it off.


Here’s a quick guide to the different axles…

You’re running the wrong axle adapters for the trainer and need the 12x142 ones installed. As Paul mentioned though read that other thread as it might not be as easy as the Zwift manual makes it seem.

Hi @Praneel_Pidikiti, in addition to the articles and tips recommended. If you face issues removing the quick release please, contact us at our for further support.