Membership active on website but not on iPad or imac

Hi all, first time post here and I hope someone can help. Before I start I have emailed, spoken on twitter and live chat but the response has been, well nothing and I’m a little shocked given how popular zwift is that the customer service is none existent. Anyway rant over…

Basically I have an active membership but on the iPad app and iMac it’s still showing the free 25km trial with less than 1km left. A week on and I’ve got a nice smart trainer that I cannot use with zwift. I’m hoping someone here on the forums can help me out as I don’t want to be sending my trainer back or seeking out alternatives.

Heres hoping :crossed_fingers:t2:

Hi @Lee_Diggle

Shuji at ZwiftHQ here. I see the email conversations you’ve been having thus far. Your case needs a little more digging, and we’re working on it. Lauren will be in touch when we have your answer. Thanks for your patience.

Hi there, thanks for the update, much appreciated. Any eta on when I’ll get some answers? Itching to get riding.

Anything? I had high hopes for zwift but at this rate it will be another weekend I can’t use it.

Maybe not related, but do you need to do what’s described in this post?

Did you create the account on iOS?

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Ah ok, I’ll give that a try fingers crossed when I’ve done my last Km it works…

I can actually remember if I made my account through the app or on the website as I made it a while ago and only just got a smart trainer this week since getting a place in Ride London this year.

Ok, so riding through the free trial seems to have sorted it…I hope :grin: