Meetup Issue - Riders forced to take wrong turn on "keep together" meetup


The group I ride with has been experiencing an intermittent issue where one rider veers off into a “wrong turn” during meetups. Given these are scheduled and keep together, there is no turn control options, so when this occurs the rider is forced to leave the meetup, do a U-turn and catch-up with the group, but the “keep together” is obviously lost in this case.

The two places this has been noticed are on “Legends and Lava” in Watopia and “Wandering Flats” in Makuri Island.

For Legends and Lava, the issue happens coming out of The Esses and one rider is forced to turn towards Downtown rather than where the route should correctly go to the Volcano.

For Wandering Flats, the issue happens after climbing up to the Castle in Yumezi, the route should keep right around the back of the castle, but the ride leader was forced left.

We most recently experienced the issues on July 3rd and July 5th for the above routes respectively, although we have been experiencing it for at least a month or two.

Further details:

  • We always have the same three riders doing group meetups set to 60 minutes with “keep together” enabled
  • The riders who veer off in the wrong direction are both on Apple TV, using the latest version (so for the case of today it would have been 1.43.2)
  • The third rider is on MacOS and has never veered off
  • For Legends and Lava where we have experienced this issue 3 times, it was always the same rider
  • For Wandering Flats, today was our first experience with the bug, it was the ride leader who veered off

Just adding two screenshots that show the issue

Legends and Lava:

Wandering Flats: