Meet-up's "Keep Everyone Together" feature is now broken (again)

Meet-ups is the gift that keeps on giving!

So with the latest update it seems that the ‘Keep Everyone Together’ feature is not working properly. It does the job of keeping everyone together okay but the speed is heavily reduced. My group could not travel quicker than 20kph. I was the ride leader and I told everyone to quit and try to ride together as normal. However, after I quit, the guys suddenly went flying off up the Epic KOM at an insane speed. At least until the radio tower whereby they went to a crawl and eventually I caught them. Even on the descent, they went tragically slow.

So whatever logic you are using for this feature - it’s a bit weird and is not working right now. I can see this is not necessarily a new issue as there are posts back in May and June but they seem slightly different and out-of-date.

Just wondering what has been fiddled with to cause an issue again?