Measuring exercise in terms of food not good for eating disorders

I’m a vegetarian and never eat pizza, so I don’t really have a connection to the “Pizza Power” metric - I have no idea how much a pizza slice would be :slight_smile:

So how about having an alternative (or several alternatives) in settings for how to display the amount of calories burned. Measurement suggestions:

  • Avocado toasts
  • Kg’s of hummus
  • Bananas
  • Peanutbutter and jam sandwiches
  • Cliff bars (you might be able to get some sponsorship for that one :wink: )

Vegetarian means you still consume dairy products, so go try some real pizza, it’s worth it.


there is even a pizza for you available theese days. Still worth trying haha.

Well, even tho this option is not necessary in my opinion, it would be nice to have an alternative. I bet those 50lvl guys are sick of pizza slices already lol

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whatever people put in their mouths

What pizza? Quattro formaggi, Hawai? … dont take it to serious but a road racer doesnt it fast food. Soup!

I would like to see it measured in beers. Very dry and hoppy IPAs, specifically.


Best idea so far :+1: :sunglasses:


Today’s calories…:joy::+1:

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True enough. I eat a plant-based diet but I do tend to describe myself as vegan in dietary terms because otherwise people assume I will eat butter, cheese, eggs, etc. =)

One slice of pizza could have hugely different calorific value compared to another slice. Deep pan? Filled crust? Extra cheese?

I know they specify a slice is 285 calories, but still…

If anything I’d rather have “pounds of fat burnt” - ~3500 calories. :smiley: (Although I know that is also a variable figure.)

My vote would be for Chocolate pieces, but what about “Fat and Carbs usage” instead of Pizzas (which I rarely eat and don’t associate with calories). More numbers would be better in my mind and Fat and Carbs numbers would fit better with the Calorie number?

I’d like it to display what you could have powered in watts, for example, a light bulb for XX hours, slices of bread toasted, hours of laptop/computer/tablet time etc

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How about just showing the actual number of calories burned in CALORIES (or kJ) & skipping this entire discussion.


Because no one knows what “200kcal” looks like.

But of course there’s no ISO standard pizza slice.

The idea is good, the execution is bad.

Why do people have to take the little bits of fun and try and make them serious all the time.


Great idea , there is a garmin widget thing that I have that shows a beer glass filling up and a number based on calories expended - great motivational tool for those longer rides

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200 kcal? of course take 1 piece of sugar cube as an example

one sugar cube weight about 5 g - 2 pieces around 10 g.

1g carbohydrates = 4 kcal in energy
10 g = 40 kcal
50 g = 200 kcal

Sugar is the source of body fat especially subcutan body fat.
You need it as fuel (super, gasoline) in hard long training sessions but afterwards you dont’t need it.
Less sugar less weight less weight faster on zwift :rocket:

Take sugar cubes. :sweat_smile::smiley:

That would be a neat idea to have more than just the Pizza Slice visual… a simple solution would be for Zwift to recalculate for a Vegan Veggie Pizza. Depending on the recipe it looks like it’s anywhere from a fourth of the caloric intake to the same exact calories (350 Calories/Slice for normal pizza).

Completely agree with you, if you knew me, Vegan accommodations would not be the highest on my list (though I have great respect for anyone’s convictions). I would rather see fried chicken or Korean BBQ… that being said, I lost about 30 pounds with Subway Veggie sandwiches! :D.

Anything on Zwift is really a 1st and 2nd world problem… but I still like the idea of seeing different measuring options.

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Definitely a beer or wine option instead of pizza!!

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I like that the Zwift dashboard shows my calories burned on each ride. I do not like that the Companion app shows me that same information in “pizza slice equivalents”. That information is meaningless to me… I don’t eat pizza often and I neither know nor care how many calories are in a “standard slice”. Give me an option to see the calories please and thank you!