Oreos instead of Pizza

As a (pathetic) triathlete, it would be nice to have a toggle button in the settings so I could view my workout effort either as the number of slices of pizza I earned or as the number of Oreo cookies I have earned.  Thx!!

That sounds awesome! Another smaller food choice adds a different layer of reward to work for. I’ll log this with our feature requests. :) 


And you’re not pathetic :’( 

My 1150 slices of Pizza is 7994 Jelly beans :slight_smile:


Oreos are vegan-friendly, so that’s a bonus. :D 

Pizza slice makes no sense to me as I don’t know what type or size of pizza to which Zwift is referring. Oreos would make much more sense.

E.G. small slice of thin Italian pizza vs large slice of Chicago deep pan pizza. Very different.