Is pizza power calculated by the slice or entire pizza? and what toppings do you think they include in their calculations.

I like to think it’s pineapple and spinach.

Slice! One delicious slice of pizza. If you know of an entire pizza that is 285 calories, let me know!

As for where that number comes from, it’s based on a 14" slice (107 g) of pizza with a regular crust and plain cheese topping. It’s the official number given by the USDA.

Or maybe it’s pineapple and spinach that is coincidentally 285 calories? Who knows?

I’ll have you know that Zwift made me re-evaluate pizza completely. I used to enjoy it, now, given how hard I have to work for a measly slice, it tastes like guilt and remorse. 


*shakes fist*


(but seriously, if you ever take the Pizza Power out of Zwift I’ll be the first to complain)

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Just don’t eat Costco slices… those will kill you.