(Austin McKimmey) #1

Is pizza power calculated by the slice or entire pizza? and what toppings do you think they include in their calculations.

I like to think it’s pineapple and spinach.

(Nick LaVeaux) #2

Slice! One delicious slice of pizza. If you know of an entire pizza that is 285 calories, let me know!

As for where that number comes from, it’s based on a 14" slice (107 g) of pizza with a regular crust and plain cheese topping. It’s the official number given by the USDA.

Or maybe it’s pineapple and spinach that is coincidentally 285 calories? Who knows?

(Margaret Oliver) #3

I’ll have you know that Zwift made me re-evaluate pizza completely. I used to enjoy it, now, given how hard I have to work for a measly slice, it tastes like guilt and remorse. 


*shakes fist*


(but seriously, if you ever take the Pizza Power out of Zwift I’ll be the first to complain)

(Patrik Outericky) #4

Just don’t eat Costco slices… those will kill you.