Display calories in the dashboard of companion app

Would be handy :grin:

calorie counts are never going to be accurate

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Approximate calorie count could be displayed as slices of pizza or similar. I’m sure no one would complain about that…


But my ocd demands that I finish to the nearest 50 calorie mark rounded up :sweat_smile:

That may be the case, but nevertheless there’s a total calorie count on the summary page of every session once completed (with distance, average power etc). So why not have the accumulating amount shown during the ride just like the other metrics?

OK if you can turn it off. But without HUD customization that’s a problem.

With Zwift it should actually be pretty accurate (within 5% or so) since they’ll know the kJ’s that were generated (assuming you’re using a power meter/smart trainer) and then the conversion to calories is pretty easy from there.

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I’d rather have the gradient displayed on the Companion app than calories.

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Or both.
Or select from options…

I know your game Cadden. :laughing:

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But that doesn’t take into account individual demographics.
The algorithm for calculating calories is standard and doesn’t take into account metabolism etc…

It does vary but metabolic efficiency is usually within the 20-25% range for most (the 5% I mentioned). So if you have a power meter you’ll know the kJ outputted and from there can get a fairly accurate calorie count. This goes out the window though if you you’re not training with power or are running