Calories burned so far

(Andy Cox) #1

Like a lot of people this time of year, one of my main wants from Zwift at the moment is to burn calories as part of a calorie counting weight loss regime.  To that end, would it be possible to have a running total of calories (alright I mean kcals, but excuse the shorthand) burned so far this ride in much the same way as m climbed etc.  If this could follow the same arithmetic as Strava will use once the ride is saved and uploaded that would be great.

Example use would be to think ok, tonight I want to ride until I burn 1000 calories.

Thanks and ride on!



(Richard Passavant (NP)) #2

kCals and kJoules would both be useful (for our metric friends…)

I wouldn’t expect it to be accurate to the calorie at every moment, but if the calculation can be done at the finish a reasonably rough real time estimate certainly should be possible - especially if the app is getting power & heart rate data vs only time/speed.

Maybe that would encourage some people to ensure their weight is accurate too! :wink:

(Stef Levolger) #3

It’s already being tracked throughout the ride. You can get to see it if you let the game hit the pause screen. Ideally of course an onscreen figure at all times would be welcome as well.

(Jenner Renner ZRG) #4

All true, and would be a great feature. However, it would be crucial to improve the calculations before putting this on the screen.
There are other comments and requests going the same direction, so I suppose, it is not only my setup.
Compared to at least four other apps and devices, Zwift is showing me only roughly two thirds of the calories burned. Also, at least two of these devices, I tried, correspond very well with treadmills and cross-trainers, I have been on in the past.
I understand, that every app does estimate the burned energy to a certain extent. So, why not let us adjust it individually by a factor in the settings? It would not spoil the statistics, since these are based on power.
After all, yes, I would of course like to have the total calories of a workout adding up on the screen (or smart phone).