Calories burned in the HUD

Would love to see calories burned (or even kJ) on the HUD while doing a ride.  I’m honestly surprised this isn’t already a metric that is monitored in game. 

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That’s a no vote from me. A metric that many of us wouldn’t be that interested in. The solution is to allow users to customize their display. For example I would like to add into the HUD my w/kg as it’s too small to read in the right hand rider column, plus also remove the level stuff since I’m stuck on level 25.

I don’t see why you would have a problem with this request.  Asking for an additional metric to be displayed is a bit different than total customization like you’re insisting on. Yeah it would be great to be able to customize the UI, but that sort of feature is much more complicated than adding one thing to the current UI.  

The problem is if we add in every metric that’s been requested e.g. w/kg, calories burned, avg power, normalized power etc then the HUD will become very cluttered.

BTW the Zwift companion app lists almost in real time your calories burnt. Go to the activities tab.

Interesting suggestion Eric! I’ll forward this over. There is a risk of over clutter if a lot more metrics are displayed but there can always be a balance! 

The companion app isn’t anywhere near real time calorie burn count…looks like it only updates every 10 minutes or so.

make all of these an option to be turned on or off in the hud via settings.