Issues with pizza on training plans

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone else has this issue with training plans. I am doing the Singletrack Slayer training plan and getting to some of the tough ones. TSS >= 90. I can get through the workouts fine, but having a really tough time eating the number of required pizza slices afterwards. Usually I get 3-4 and thats ok. But today I had 7 and I just couldn’t do it. 7 seems too high no? Also - do you know if you have to eat all the pizza slices you get on a training ride on the same sitting or can you eat them throughout the day?

I find that that yes, you can eat all the pizza but my suggestion is that you firstly shower, have a beer/wine/gin/whiskey (all of these, of whichever you prefer) and then hit up Zwiftpower and spend a few hours trying to figure out why we have 9yr old Cat A racers entering Cat D and kicking our butts only to find that they weigh 35kg and dont put out more than 150watts anyway. By the time you figure that out, your appetite will be more than ready for your 7 slices.

I would however suggest thin crusty base.

EDIT: Oh its training plan - damn, I’ve already drunk too much trying to solve your problem but ready for pizza, sorry.

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for regular runners , eating pizza once in a while won’t harm them much. but if you have just started and still keep eating pizza bacause you feel hungry too soon,then it can affect your strength.

Thanks for the reply Banditch. I don’t mean the pizza you eat on your free time. I mean the mandatory slices Zwift assigns you after a training ride. Do you have to eat them all to get credit for the training ride? And if so, do you have to eat them all at one sitting?

I can’t either because my wife has banned eating meat for Lent.