MASSIVE stuttering. 19.09.2021

After the latest update, this is what i’m left with.

It doesn not matter if its 1080p or 4k.
There’s nothing wrong with my hardware as i can run heaven and furmark burning the gpu at 100% for hours, and every game i play is fine.

There’s some adult language in the videos, beware.

Here you have some video of MY experience of this issue.
Call it what you want, but it was fine before the update, now it’s not.
No matter the settings, 1080p 1440p 4k. fullscreen or not, steamlink on or off…
This is a massive error on zwifts part, not testing their builds properly.
If this doesn’t stop i’m stopping my subscription, bechause they constantly ignore PC users.
Motherboard: asus x470 gaming f
Processor Amd ryzen 5 3600
GPU Palit rtx 2070super
storage 256GB nvme ssd
Windows 10 19043.1237
every driver up to date
No viruses or malware.

Sorry for swearing, i initially made the video for my friend to explain my absence.


They don’t give two shizzles about pc-users.
As long as it runs on an apple device they are happy.
For the amount of money they make, one would think they put some of that back into validation and testing.


fyi @Robert_Graawe_V , your vids are…


Thanks Dean, fixed now.

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That looks like a very different problem to the one this thread is about, especially if you’re getting full system crashing too.

The system crash is another issue that only happens to zwift and only randomly, not actually related to the videos.
But you’re saying the problem shown in these videos is nothing like what you’re describing?
Because to me it sounds like what i’m experiencing.

The stutter I get is nowhere near as severe as that video shows.

What does your task manager say about your GPU usage when you’re just sitting in the menu?
Does it fluctuate?

Not like yours, no. It’s a different problem I think. I’m not wanting to play it down, at all, but it’s an easy excuse for Zwift to ignore it if multiple issues are combined in the same thread.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ Can this be split please?

That looks like a different Issue, the micro stutters affect the fluid motion even though we have high framerates, your issue looks like huge frame drops

My GPU and CPU graphs look normal in taskmanager but yet there’s a consistent micro stutter. I have a consistent (capped) 4K/60 fps.
If you’re coming from a poor system you might not care about it but when you’ve had a nice smooth 60fps (or higher) you definitely notice once it’s taken away.

Then my issue is different.
I too usually have consistent 4k 60 fps, but suddenly today that’s all gone, can’t even get 1080p to be consistent. guess it’s android zwift or bkool from now on, bechause this is completely unplayable.

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By all accounts ( and threads on this forum) , Zwift dont really make enough effort to ensure support for Apple devices either .

Zwift basically seem to me anyway to be either deliberately ( or more likely accidently ) letting this come about because they have diverted all effort ,energy and investment to creating there zwift hardware platform ( bike). .

The fact Zwift are creating a situation of broken (or very limited) support for wide open access concerns me as I can see it making it very easy step for executive decision being made to only support there own kit. Zwift clearly are unable to support the current situation so something has to give and I doubt it will be the Zwift bike folly , too much investor capital ploughed into it .

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Well i fixed the problem i Was having, that Was brought on BY ZWIFT.
Zwift caused a cash that corrupted my OS, causing all of this stutter.
I installed Windows YET again (3. Time this year) and zwift was working again.

So my initial problem with zwift is that it’s not being coded with ryzen in mind, causing issues my computer cant handle. (A wild guess)

Looks like i need to install a VM to run zwift, so i dont loose more files.

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