Massive cadence spikes

Thought it may have been my set up but never happened before. 220+ cadence spikes and I’m seeing other riders avatars doing same. Right now? Known issue ? Also PLEASE fix training peaks error. Thank you

Make sure you also post a run down of your setup.


Hi Paul. I have power tap p1 pedals. Cyclops fluid pro. Cable device. iPad Pro. Zero issues with this set up for over 2 years until today. I’ve had 20+ mini power spikes at 850+ watts and cadence 220+. Main sets have been 225w. I’m noticing other riders “crazy legs” too but may not be same thing. Thanks

Just finished ride. The spikes were actually 2000 watts. Thanks for any help.

Hey Paul. Anything else I need to provide to help solve the issue?

Are you using your power pedals for cadence, or a cadence sensor or just leaving cadence unpaired?

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Hi Ben. I’ve had these pedals as a part of this set up for over a year and a lot of riding on zwift. Each time I ride, I see the cable device pick up 3 cadence options. the left and right and then the cable. I’ve always chosen the cable.

Ok, I haven’t seen a report of this before, so if it keeps happening and unless anyone else has a better idea, I’d suggest sending in a support ticket with your log files.

I’d recommend checking the firmware on all your devices before your next ride because that may be the first thing support ask you to do.

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Ok; thanks will do. Appreciate the suggestion. I’ve been so happy with zwift for a long time and hoping it’s something obvious!

@Paul_Allen just wanted to give you a heads up that I think my problem is being caused by a Cable device (North Pole Engineering) recent update , and not a zwift issue. I’m trouble shooting with them now and they are being very helpful. Just in case anyone else brings up these big spikes. Thanks.