Manually record laps that show up in Strava



How can I manually record laps that show up in Strava?

I learned quickly that using my garmin to record laps while in Zwift while using my Kickr causes power drop outs. Strava displays manually recorded laps when I use my Garmin or the Wahoo app, but I don’t know how to record laps in Zwift. my coach needs laps…

I know zwift auto-records laps that Connect reads but not Strava when you build a workout but a) that forces you into erg mode and b) in workout-erg mode in Zwift, if you stop pedaling, it never returns to the set power - example: I was warming up at 180w and stopped, I then had to do a minute at 500-600w and it never readjusted like erg mode with just the Kickr or CT will do, so I had to quit the ride.