Makuri Islands Map Logic

Hi, why are there two different sea levels in Makuri Islands map, one at Neokyo harbour and the other after a significant elevation drop in the new area? While this might not seem important to the game play it is glaringly silly and seems like lazy programming. There would be various easy ways to fix this, e.g. make the water area around Neokyo a small lake and remove the “harbour” etc.

There are already a couple of other threads on this topic in the Forum. You might want to search them out for a quick read. Basically, though, it seems only users care. No feedback from Zwift on this oddity.


What problem does this cause exactly apart from being something fun to latch on to to point out? Does it detract in any way from the game? Did you even notice it yourself or did you just notice someone else mention it (since it seems to be spreading like a meme) and post it here? Zwift doesn’t aim for reality - in case you hadn’t noticed, you can cycle through a volcano on a glowing Tron bike, and then head up Sequoias to check out the dinosaurs. I think given all that, asking for a sea level difference to be “corrected” is just… odd.


LOL - wasn’t expecting trolls in this forum. Guess they are everywhere :grinning:


On the contrary, I think trolling is asking for dev resources to be wasted correcting sea levels on maps rather than fixing real bugs. I’m completely serious.


Are you the developer that was responsible for the design flaw? If so, I suggest you have a coffee before you do your next piece of design work. If not, why do you even have a view on this and I suggest you find something better to do with your time than posting weirdly defensive comments on a forum behind an anonymous ID


Ironically this thread is going downhill very quickly.



I’m not being facetious or rhetorical, Andy, so please try not to get personally aggressive in your comments.

Just answer me this, aside from being a current favourite meme among the wiseguys and wags of Zwift, why is this specific solecism or incongruity worthy of note and requiring a “fix”?

Quite aside from the obvious anachronisms and nonsense such as:

  • Dinosaurs in sequoias
  • a glowing Tron bike
  • riding through an active volcano
  • dogs dancing on their back legs to radios in Neokyo
  • etc, etc

Even if we limit ourselves to geographical distortions and twists we have:

  • the ability to cycle from Mont St Michel to Mt Ventoux (just shy of 1000km) in under 20 minutes on the France map
  • the ability to cycle from Buckingham Palace to Box Hill (25 miles) in about 5 minutes
  • etc etc

As I say I’m not being rhetorical at all. Zwift is a make-believe fantasy world, it doesn’t already map to the real world or be bound by real-world science, physics, or physiology. You really, honestly, think an apparent sea-level height difference is a “bug” that requires fixing, in the context of all the above? Why? Can you perhaps elaborate how it is different from all the above instances, and in any way detracts from the gameplay?

  • Cats playing patty cake
  • Weird sea monster creatures
  • water reflection on road in under water cave where no sunlight is present
  • giant sequoia tree growing in the middle of an ocean

I :heart: Sequoia Circle.

I think this is where the cool MMORPG kids would say with a healthy dose of irony:


For real though: I find it bizarre people are nitpicking the sea-level difference in Makuri.

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I think the difference is that the items you referenced were clearly put into the game on purpose, to provide some variety and/or scenery. The two different sea levels thing just seems like an oversight. Like if you rode to the top of AdZ and could then rejoin the Jungle Loop from there. It’s just an odd incongruity. Are there things in Zwift that need to be ‘fixed’ on a higher priority than this? Absolutely. But is this something that could be corrected? Probably so.

What I actually find interesting (is my memory is working correctly anyway) is that before Urukazi was added the bridge that now goes there looked like it would have been a climb to go up and over. Once Urukazi was introduced, however, the bridge suddenly became flat. Had we actually had to climb up to get over the bridge the descent back to the sea in Urukazi would actually have made sense.


Yep that’s the point - it’s sloppy rather than interesting/creative. I don’t spend enough time hanging around forums to know what the “memes” are but sounds like people agree. I am also under no illusions that this is either important or that by mentioning it in this forum zwift developers will down tools on everything else and prioritize it :slight_smile:

I don’t like the fantasy elements of Zwift. Mainly because they don’t actually add anything interesting to the roads of Zwift. It’s just the same random squiggles but in a volcano or in a cave or around a mech factory etc etc.

There are thousands of miles of genuinely interesting roads in the world but they get ignored for fantasy roads.

Example: Urukazi has a few corkscrew roads (one on the aforementioned mech factory island) but the real ones in Japan are far more spectacular:

Sometimes I wonder if Zwift map designers live in an exceptionally boring part of the world so they’ve never had the pleasure of riding on a good piece of road. Hence the gimmicks.

I don’t like the fantasy elements of Zwift.

To be fair that’s probably more a subjective opinion and wouldn’t be shared by all. I agree with you for what its worth, I find the addition of dancing dogs and glowing tron bikes and dinosaur cycling costumes just infantile more than entertaining and actually slightly distracting and even demeaning but maybe I take cycling too seriously. I just find that it can interfere with my ability to kind of get into the right headspace for hard workouts or races in particular. But I suspect that you and I are in the minority, and design direction is definitely something we can’t complain about and is entirely up to Zwift as part of their identity/product. Perhaps we’d even miss these elements if they were missing.

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It’s not the end of the world, but I agree but that it makes the whole thing feel ‘off’. In Watopia when you climb Epic KOM you can see across the whole of the world, it’s immersive. I’m not sure how they will manage this with Fuji?