Makuri Elevation "Issues"

A couple of “issues” with the elevation in Makuri:

First, prior to the 1.31 update the elevation for much of Makuri (specifically Neokyo) as shown in Strava was just over 400’. This was always a bit odd, of course, as the city appeared to be at ‘sea level’ (I mean, I can see the boats in the harbor). But after the 1.31 update this elevation is showing closer to 200’. Very odd.

Second, and probably more odd, is that with that since the update, with the addition of Urukazi, you can now ride past the Neokyo harbor (i.e. next to the sea), and then cross the flat bridge to Urukazi, descend through a cave and, um, be next to the water again. How can I be next to the water, then descend 200’ and not be under the water?

OK, so it’s just a game and there are no rules against an Escher-like world. But this just seems like a complete disconnect.

They’ve added some uphill water segments. It’s a new thing for the rowers.