Make use of the M1 processor on iPad Pros

I had heard the same! Ah well.

Any news on this?


Let‘s hope the new Apple TV will be an incentive to finally address all the iOS/MacOS/TvOS graphic issues.
That Zwift is not running native on M1/M2 Macs is ridiculous.


The new Apple TV uses this SoC:

Unless they change things, it will be exactly the same as the other Apple TV 4K models.

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I know, the A15 cores however are the same found on the M1. The M1 has more CPU and GPU cores.
It looks like Zwift on iOS is limited to 30 fps, but the potential of this SoC is visible when you take a closer look at the minimum fps compared to other devices.

Add another voice for Apple TV 4K to increase the graphics profile used!


DCR had a comment in his latest Apple TV post when someone asked about M1 Macs:

Yeah, I think I’ll have some news to share there very shortly.

(Trust me, I’m in the same boat of c’mon….)

Keeping expectations low of course.

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Sounds like he’s been talking to JM.

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M1 supported will release with the Mount Fuji KOM :wink:


More reddit insight:

Yes and no - we’re switching Zwift to use a lower level API so we can have more graphics capabilities available in a reliable way. This change should be invisible to Zwifters at first but will pave the way for those future capability increases.

Thus far iOS and AppleTV devices have all been switched, as well as almost all macbooks - except the m1/m2! Seems like Apples drivers were slightly different on M1/M2. So yes, changes are coming (probably within 30 days!) for M1/M2s to start running on hte Metal API (vs OpenGL), but No, visual changes wont be apparent until next year sometime.

In the meantime we’ve been conservative with using up extra processing power on higher end devices so we have power in reserve to spend for the updated graphics.

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Yeah I posted that in the other thread yesterday. :+1: