Make use of the M1 processor on iPad Pros

+1 shadows for Mac M1 Pro

plus: please add native support for Apple Silicon


I gave up and built a PC…Graphics are amazing compared to M1…its a shame

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When do we get rider shadows for Apple MacBook M1 on Zwift?


Very frustrated that rider shadows are still not possible on M1 devices…and radio silence from Zwift on even acknowledging the bug.

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Another vote for a better profile on M1 please. Geekbench compute scores:

Alienware Alpha with GTX 960 = ultra profile
iPad Air 5 with M1 = basic profile


Zwift has A LOT of bigger fires to put out…I feel this one is near the bottom so don’t hold your breath

They’ll be adding shadows for M1 devices back soon. I don’t like pointing out where this info comes from (end of the day I think it’s daft that there isn’t full transparency on the plans) but it’s out there.

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Good news, my MacBook Air M1, 8C CPU, 8C GPU, 16GB, 1TB is waiting :slight_smile:

I m considering buying a ipad pro for zwift.

At the moment i m confused.
I found some forum post confirming that the M1 processor can run Zwift in the high graphics settings.

Is this also possible with the latest ipad pro?

Thanks for the feedback.

M1 devices officially get the High graphics profile - this is one tier below maximum (Ultra). On devices where resolution can be selected, this is up to 1440p resolution - also one tier below maximum (4K). I’m unsure what resolution the game is rendered in on an M1 iPad, I would expect this is also 1440p.

Either way, for the last year the rider shadows that should be present on High profile have been missing. Based on comments made elsewhere by Zwift employees, I understand they will be added back soon. There’s also a good chance Ultra profile and 4K resolution will be enabled. Frame rate performance is TBC, but so far it’s nothing special at all and not worth the money versus an equivalent PC.

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As far as I’m aware, this is not the case. Unless I’m mistaken, M1 iPads like all phones and tablets are currently artificially limited to Basic profile and likely something 1080p or below.

Yes, even though the M1 is perfectly capable of High profile, at higher resolution, while emulating an x86, in macOS.

(Also worth noting that the money investment for an M1 is now only $600.)

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They get High profile, with rider shadows disabled making it look like Basic. See post #29.

Edit: that’s a MacBook, you may be right for iPads. $600 for such a limited device is silly money IMO, but I can’t be arsed arguing.

ZWIFT TEAM, could you please adress this?

My Ipad Pro can run some of the most graphic intense 3D rendering programs while multi tasking adobe suite…but ZWIFT, one of the most basic games out there, cant even output full screen resolution for my ipad?

Come on…


I m confused. Some People report that the ipad pro can run the high graphic settings. Some say it does this without the shadows. Other say it is only Running the basic setting. Why is there so much confusion? And what graphical setting can it handle?

Officially M1 Macs are assigned High profile, at up to 1440p resolution. High profile should have rider shadows, but for over a year they’ve been missing on M1 Macs.

I don’t know how it differs on M1 iPads, but I believe it’s the same in terms of profile (and rider shadows being missing in error). Only difference on an iPad is you can’t select the resolution, so I don’t know what it runs at.

Should be getting sorted soon as I understand it.

Not today unfortunately.

Apple this week announced devices with M2 processors, and Metal 3 coming this fall with ‘MetalFX Upscaling’ tech. Anecdotally it seems like a lot of people use Apple hardware to run Zwift - does Zwift have anyone looking into these newer technologies?

If iPads can run the latest Resident Evil, they should be able to do better than ‘basic’ profile in Zwift, no?


I had heard “soon” as well, but that was back in March…

Yeah that was clearly a load of crap. Sorry.