iPad Pro M1/M2 graphics

Is there any update on when these iPads will get better graphics? I have both a mini and brand new M2 and they both look the same, these M chip iPads are faster than most people’s PCs and can easily have much higher graphics enabled. Granted I bought this for the screen size, but any ETA on graphics profile for these beasts?

Doubtful. Apple Silicon is great but it’s not that good.

Those of us with the top line Macs have seen through Apple bench-marketing and the metal benchmarks versus the top Mac Studio show a different story to what the mothership would tell you.

I guess they will get improvements when the ASI Macs get it.

I think at least various models of iPad should get treated differently, a cheap entry level iPad runs at the same graphics settings as one that is top of the line, running benchmarks on my iPad mini 6th gen compared to this M2 iPad Pro, the Pro has 3x faster graphics score and double the CPU performance, so it should be handled differently, or allow the user to turn graphics settings on and off. Id be happy with just a higher resolution and some shadows, the UI at least looks crisp, but the world looks like a low res mess :-(.

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