iPad Pro M1/M2 graphics

Is there any update on when these iPads will get better graphics? I have both a mini and brand new M2 and they both look the same, these M chip iPads are faster than most people’s PCs and can easily have much higher graphics enabled. Granted I bought this for the screen size, but any ETA on graphics profile for these beasts?

Doubtful. Apple Silicon is great but it’s not that good.

Those of us with the top line Macs have seen through Apple bench-marketing and the metal benchmarks versus the top Mac Studio show a different story to what the mothership would tell you.

I guess they will get improvements when the ASI Macs get it.

I think at least various models of iPad should get treated differently, a cheap entry level iPad runs at the same graphics settings as one that is top of the line, running benchmarks on my iPad mini 6th gen compared to this M2 iPad Pro, the Pro has 3x faster graphics score and double the CPU performance, so it should be handled differently, or allow the user to turn graphics settings on and off. Id be happy with just a higher resolution and some shadows, the UI at least looks crisp, but the world looks like a low res mess :-(.

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This is very frustrating because I just got an M2 iPad Pro and I was disappointed to see that I still get the most basic graphics profile and it runs at a very low resolution. The iPad Pro processor should be capable of running the High/Ultra graphics profile like on the Macs which have the same graphics engine and processor. The fact that Zwift does not allow us to change graphics profile ourselves is a huge oversight and it would be nice for this to be fixed. Since mobile is the easiest and most accessible way to run the game the game mobile users should also get the best graphics available given how powerful the hardware is now.
I guess the same can be said about modern smartphones like the A17 Pro in the iPhone.

Yes, the iPad build is locked to Basic/720p/30fps, just like it has been on every iPhone and iPad for nearly a decade. macOS machines running the same processor prove it’s capable of far more. Ultra/4k/120fps doesn’t seem out of the question - the requirements just aren’t that high compared to the power of new machines. (M3 coming soon!)

Zwift is putting a lot of effort into the new worlds and, today, even sprucing up the old ones! But something seems wrong here.

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A definite +1 here. The world graphics look very pixelated compared with the rest of the UI. Indeed my Apple iPad Pro M2 runs Zwift incredibly fast I.e. quick load times, no lag interacting with the various screens. I can’t believe that these devices aren’t capable of running higher profile graphics or higher resolutions.

At the very least, it would be beneficial to the user if more graphics options could be selected in the settings area just like the desktop variants. Game resolution would be a good start and also world graphics quality/profile options.

Please, please, please Zwift Devs, make this happen.