Make use of the M1 processor on iPad Pros

Hopefully now that work has completed bringing M-series code to macOS, our iPads can get some attention. Please unlock Ultra, high-res, and 120Hz!

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With all the graphic updates recently, I find it surprising that getting those to show on apple devices is not a priority. Are iPads and iPhones like 5% of their device usage or something?

I would move back to iPad Pro or Air if M chip devices would get support from Zwift. New iPads being announced in a month or two, disappointing to see zero Zwift support after three years

All funny ■■■■ aside. We pay good money and we get all funny ■■■■ from the developers.
They always provide us with the answers to the questions that weren’t asked in the first place.

The M1 iPads have been around since may 2021. That’s almost 3 years now.
They still have the same graphics as the iPad Air 2 that released in 2014.

By now we should at least have better graphics for current iPads, at least high for M series iPads, maybe even with 60fps.

And for the M series iPads we should be able to use Zwift on external displays in a full screen option at 16/9 ratio at at least 1080p resolution.

At this moment in time, if you open up Zwift on a external monitor it is windowed in the iPad ratio and it doesn’t even support mouse input, so there is no way to use it unless you open it on the iPad and only switch the Zwift app to the external monitor once you are actually riding. But mind you, if you want to do anything while riding, you have to switch it back to the iPad screen first.

I’d like to see for once that we don’t get some april fools gimmick that takes up development, but actuall progress to the point mentioned above.

If I look at what the M series iPad a able to do Zwift should really step it up.

Just take a look at COD mobile and Death Stranding. I play both on my M2 Pro and they run circles around Zwift when it comes to any type of performance.
Edit: Keep in mind COD mobile is a free to play game and Death Stranding is only €22,- once. Zwift is a €15,- per month game. (last 5 years costing me around €900,-)


In addition to the obvious…

This is Warzone mobile on a M2 IPad Pro 16gb ram peak graphic enabled and capped at 60fps.

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Yeah, I think it’s pretty clear the iPad is more than capable of running the full Zwift engine at this point.

A part of me wonders, if they’re having trouble porting or keeping their graphics engine in sync across platforms, how long will it be worth trying to maintain their own custom engine in the first place? Is there still investment being made in Zwift’s engine? I was particularly struck by the recent Unreal Engine conference, where they went over the latest features of 5.4 (versus 5.3 just late last year). Particularly the part where they remind everyone that these features trivially port across basically all platforms.

Fortnite - Unreal Engine 5.4 (UE5.4) Gameplay Tech Demo | State of Unreal 2024 (

Fortnite makes it pretty clear how much further you can take Zwift’s graphics while keeping the core styling intact. How much of this will the Zwift engine feature in 5 years? In 10? One wonders what the plan is in terms of not being completely left behind by technology.

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It’s so utterly frustrating to play COD mobile on my iPhone with better graphics for free VS paying over 100$ a year for the worst graphics possible in 2024 in ZWIFT on my iPad Pro

Stop “developing” new jerseys and focus on improvements that actually matter like graphics and performance on high performance devices like the new iPads…

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It would be cool if they made a New Jersey world

This thread is going on 3 years old, and has nearly 100 votes. In two weeks we’ll be seeing OLED iPads with M3 APUs (and even the cheaper iPad Air will be running M2).

@shooj , @evan-zwift , would it be possible to get a comment from HQ on this topic? Is parity with the macOS build on the roadmap? We’d love to see Zwift looking its best, and the hardware is more than capable.


Hey @swarmster, thanks for the message.

Yes, we’re looking at this. I don’t have an ETA to share yet, but we have some prerequisite work happening currently at which point we’ll have more to share on improving graphics settings several platforms.


Thanks for the response, Evan! There’s hope yet! :slight_smile:

That is great news, though. Best of luck to the team. Looking forward to hearing more.

Hi @evan-zwift, when we heard that Apple Silicon support was being worked on it would be 2-3 years before it was released. Is this a similar timeline, or closer to months?

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Hi @evan-zwift Do you have an ETA of the ultra graphics profile on IPad Mx?
The graphics are so ugly so far.

Thank you to Zwift team to improve the situation quickly


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Dear Zwift developers,

Please implement ultra graphics on iPad M4. Zwift is currently so ugly on iPad that damages the user experience as well as the reputation of your product.

Thank you in advance for your effort to make this happen