Make it easier to give ride-ons and see ride-ons given, Mobile Zwift

Currently on Mobile Zwift, iOS, during and activity you can give a Ride-On (RO) by selecting a rider and then scrolling down a little on their profile to find a RO symbol to press. This is a 2, or even 3 stage process depending on how much scrolling is required. In large groups it is not possible to remember who you’ve already given a RO to, and so in my experience quite commonly I’d select a rider to give a RO to, only to find I’ve already given them one!

Swiping back out of the rider profile to the list of riders, there is no indication that the rider has been given a RO by you.

I propose that

  1. The RO symbol is positioned in the rider profile such that no scrolling is necessary

  2. There is an indication symbol next to the rider’s name on the list of riders, that shows you’ve given that rider a RO, so as to avoid unnecessary screen swiping and scrolling.

Thanks for considering these changes.


Ride On!



What Peter said !