Zwift Mobile Link - Ride On response

Request: Make it easier to return Ride Ons during the game.


We all get Ride On’s…

you see the person’s name in the upper part of the onscreen interface.

e.g.  “John Smith gave you a ride on”

So you usually want to return the Ride On.

You flip up and down the Riders list in the Zwift Mobile Link app looking for them.  A lot of the time, you cannot find them.

So then you try searching their name from the other part of the Zwift Mobile Link app.  Of course you get a million results because the matching syntax is poor.  So now you’re scrolling up and down looking for the John Smith (or was it “Smythe”) that gave you a Ride On.  Then you find 7 of them, so now you are tapping into each of them to see if they are actually riding, because the one who IS riding is probably the one who sent it.  Sometimes you find the one person with a unique name like “Sven VanJohnjohnson” and it turns out he’s not riding, maybe he’s just throwing Ride Ons from the Sneak a Peak screen, and that’s nice, but you can’t return the Ride On.  So you just wasted your time.





An “echo” for the the Ride Ons! would be the answer to this request and I can’t remember if Zwift has said they are going to implement it or not.