Easier ride-ons in mobile link

(Darryl Hodgins) #1

It would be great if the “ride on” icon showed up beside each of the names on “Zwifters nearby”, without having to open their profile.

(Ignatias Robot) #2

in-game, too.

(Steven Melia [BRT] SCTT LEADER) #3

Hold down on the icon for yourself on the map and it will give a mass ride-on to surrounding riders before reloading to do it again

(Gerrie Delport) #4

It will be nice to have a Keyboard shortcut for the mass ride-on’s.

I know Zwift is not a big fan of keyboard shortcuts, but one can always ask. :slight_smile:

(Geir Hedemark (Pack)) #5

The usability of giving ride one is frustrating me more than is good for me. During the Swift academy group ride today I had to dig really hard to keep up, and having to wait three seconds for the rider details page to load almost had me blow a gasket.

Please make a shortcut so I don’t have to open the rider details view - or make loading the rider details view about ten times faster. Pretty please?