Macbook to TV

(Glen Porteous) #1

Hi, new to Zwift and have been working on my setup in the garage gym.  I have an iMac running 1080P (awesome pic and smooth) but recently acquired a 50" HDMI Plasma (was a freebie) that I’ve been using a google cast for youtube and netflix successfully.

My question is whether it’s worth swapping out the iMac for my Macbook, running a Mini Display port adapter to the TV’s HDMI?  Will it experience any lag, will the resolution drop significantly?  Just thinking of trying it as the 50" would be awesome!!

Just after some advice if anyone’s tried it.


(David K) #2

There won’t be any downgrade in game resolution using HDMI over screen casting. If your MacBook has better hardware specs than your iMac, you may be able to upgrade from moderate to an extreme graphics profile in Zwift, though; so the graphics may look nicer.

If you’ve been using screencast previously, the benefit of using HDMI is that you aren’t utilizing a portion of your network bandwidth and temporary inconsistencies in network bandwidth won’t affect the display.

(Glen Porteous) #3

Thanks David for the advice. Run the HDMI to display port on the MacBook and it works sensationally!! You’ve right, casting was quite laggy.

Can we expect Zwift to be downloadable from Chromecast anytime soon similar to Apple TV?

(David K) #4

You’re more than welcome!

There is a small chance we may work on ChromeCast support after ensuring our Android Beta is stable enough for most Android devices to use without a hitch, but that may take some time.

Using Chromecast, you’d be in the same boat though. Any type of screen casting can use a good portion of your network bandwidth causing performance issues in-game. It’s generally always a better idea to simply cable the device using HDMI directly to a display.