Macbook Pro 2009 unibody compatibility with Zwift

Happy New Years all!

I’m new to Zwift and I currently own a non-smart trainer( Kurt Kinetic T002i) I do also have the KK Inride speed sensor & h/r monitor and was wondering if I will need anything additional (i.e. Zwift usb Ant stick) to get Zwift to pair successfully with my 2009 MacBook Pro? Or has anyone with the same set up achieved favourable results…

Any direction will be appreciated. I did look at the Faq’s but getting a little frustrated getting started. Really looking forward to joining the group and achieving some goals.

Thanks in advance.


if your sensors are ant - you need an ant stick to be able to communicate with the MAC.  You Mac may be on the limits of usability - saw this elsewhere may be of interest - is a post 2 years old though.  As interim you could try using the mobile app.

I have one of the first unibody models from 2008!

I remembered this evening that this model has a dual GPU configuration so I switched it over to the higher performance setting (as opposed to low energy) and bingo I’m in!

1st Zwift ride accomplished. Only managed a few laps due to the time, but loved it :slight_smile:

Thanks to Aaron and Christopher for responding.