Mac vs PC Graphics

(Jason Pretty) #1

I am Zwifting on both a PC and a Mac, probably doing 70% on my PC and 30 on the Mac, both machines are pretty well equipped as follows;

PC - Dell i7 3.6 GHz with 16GB Ram and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 7454GB DDR3 graphics card with 4GB Dedicated memory

The Macbook Pro is a 2015 i7 2.5 Ghz with 16 GB Ram and the Intel Iris Pro graphics as well as an NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card with 2GB of DDR5 dedicated memory

On the PC the graphics are stunning, very detailed, very crisp and I get a headlight at night! On the Macbook they are not nearly as nice and no headlight, I would think though that they would be pretty close given the specs of the Macbook… Is this expected or is there something configured improperly? I haven’t changed any setting manually or anything.

Must say though, on either platform Zwift absolutely ROCKS!!!

(Stewart G teamWBR) #2

I think the Zwift programmers have pre set graphics levels for certain cards and machines. This will be able to be adjusted by us in later revisions. More than likely your machine is on one of their lower setting lists even though it can possibly handle higher.
There is a way to adjust the setting by yourself if you know what you are doing (I don’t) and there was amention in another post. You could search for it and try it out.

(Allan Watkins) #3