Mac Update not working...

installed the Mac update the other day and tried it yesterday and program crashes within a minute. I deleted the config file per instructions with same result, tried reinstall the launching with the icon that was on my desktop (this might suggest that I didn’t actually do a complete re-install) and still not working. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I’d recomend opening a support ticket also, as you may get a quicker response.

Try deleting the com.zwift.ZwiftLauncher.plist.lockfile and the com.zwift.ZwiftLauncher.plist in your user preferences folder.

In order to have Zwift do a fresh game download:

  1. Open up finder
  2. Hold the “Alt/Option” key and click Go > Library
  3. Open “Application Support”
  4. CTRL-click (or RIGHT-click) on the Zwift folder and move to trash.
  5. Re-run Zwift from the Mac Launcher or via Spotlight

That should clear away your old install and download the latest version of Zwift onto your Mac.