Low watts on elite

(Anthony Nobbs TFC (C)) #1

Hi everyone 

just a quick one I’m riding my giant bike on a elite crono power fluid which I’ve had about 5 years 2nd hand which I use with a ant+ and speed sensor I got with my edge 1000 but I can only get 0.5 watts max when I cycle on zwift even with my cadence at 90 , sometimes on hills speed drops to 2/3 miles an hour.


Is it my set that needs replacing with something else like a tacx smart please.



(N T (Lanark)) #2

Is the Ant dongle with a decent distance from the ANT+ sensor?  I had a similar problem when I moved my dongle from the front of the PC tower to the rear.


Also is the Garmin 1000 registering a proper speed/cadence when you pedal?

(Anthony Nobbs TFC (C)) #3

I’ve moved it to within 4 inches of the sensor which is on my rear wheel hub , I’ll try it later to see if makes any odds , and will try it with my Garmin head unit later