low volume workouts

(M P) #1

does zwift have low volume workouts  (3 days/week) of different intensities ?

(similar to trainerroad )

(Paul Allen) #2

You can create your own if needed.

(M P) #3

i know but i’m new at this and have rather plan designed by someone. could i use 6 week plan and do every other day skipping ones on days i don’t workout ?

(. TomH..) #4

Hi A, 

You could do that, I can’t see why not, but you could also do any “less than an hour” workout and when you feel fitter you can try the FTP Builder. HERE is an unofficial list of all workouts for you.

FYI - The 6wk FTP Builder has a lot of rest days or “optional” days so you can do only 4 days a week if you like. :wink:

I hope it helps and Ride On!