Low frame rates, lagging graphics, rubber banding

Greetings, I’m relatively new to zwift but not computers - i’ve got plenty of horsepower in my desktop machine, that i’m running zwift on but the graphic fluidity is awful. I am getting ridiculous lagging, rubber banding and low frame rates on a machine that is OP for something like this.
Running a ryzen 7 8core 4200mhz cpu + 32g ddr4@3200 + pcie4 nvme m.2 ssds + rog 5700 gpu w/elaborate watercooling / fan setup - connected to 3 monitors (1x 43in ultrawide 3840x1200 @120hz + 2x 24in 1920x1080 monitors @60hz - full screening only on the ultrawide set to High Visual @ 1400)

I’m barely scraping 20 - 50 fps @ less than 50% gpu utilization (peaks to 70% at times) and cpu utilization @ 10-20%
mem clock @ 1744mhz @ gpu clock bouncing between 42 & 805mhz

This makes absolutely no sense…

I run an avg 5ms ping time on a fiber to the home fios 1gb connection - avg bandwidth via cat6 hardwire of 500mbps avg symmetrical throughput

I run youtube music on one of the xtra screens - and perf monitors on the other - I have an ant+ setup and using a wahoo kicker.

What gives???

I run MSI Afterburner w/ HWInfo 64 sensors - i have some screen shots of the sensors and running loads to prove the point - but do i really need to? this can’t just be me…

Have latest radeon drivers and win10 is fully up to date (as is the asus mobo)…

No such issues gaming COD, Halo, Forza, Doom … Usually run frame-rates well over 60 & up to 120fps depending on how aggressively i set the visual eye candy…

The number of CPU cores is irrelevant for Zwift where single thread performance is key. Also, if you dig around you’ll probably find that the Ryzen CPUs lag behind their Intel equivalents when it comes to single thread/core performance.

That said, it could very well be bad/inadequate support for your video card in Zwift. I haven’t been in the PC world in a long time. All Mac or linux over here. Maybe @Dave_ZPCMR can help you out.

Lastly, run your log file thru Zwiftalizer for additional information if you haven’t already.

Probably you are CPU limited because of Zwift’s single-threadedness, as Lin said, so it can’t make more use of your GPU.

Makuri Islands is normally way worse than other worlds for the CPU demands.

@Dave_ZPCMR will tell you more.

Unfortunately it’s not overpowered for Zwift, because it’s not like normal games.

Number one issue is an AMD GPU. Zwift runs on OpenGL, for which the AMD drivers in Windows are basically terrible. Google it, it’s been the same for years.

Secondly the quantity of cores and RAM you have are completely irrelevant to Zwift performance, because it doesn’t scale. A dual core and 2GB is ‘enough’ in terms of effect on frame rates, more doesn’t help.

Lastly you didn’t say which exact Ryzen 7 model you have, but if it’s anything other than a 5000 series then it’ll struggle to hold 60fps when it’s busy (or on Makuri Islands). This is unfortunately just how Zwift works, raw single thread performance is what counts.

Make sure you’re on the high performance power plan in Windows, that sometimes causes additional issues on Ryzen systems. And you should be using Freesync to at least smooth out the frame rate fluctuations.


Please do tell, where and what log files should i be analyzing?

To you and the others who made note of the lack of multi-core support due to zwift’s single thread only programming, that would explain alot - i did notice one core utilization would be substantially higher…

I built the machine late summer 2020… it’s based on a ryzen 7 3700x cpu… it’s tweaked to run at 4200mhz continuously…

The gpu is an amd Radeon 5700 asus rog w/ 8gb ddr6…

I agree open gl isn’t as fluid on amd as team green, much like i agree team red doesn’t quite keep up with team blue for single fire performance… i moved back to team red after constant hanging when multitasking on team blue cpus - marked improvement overall - never hangs, ever…

For gpus, the minimal improvements and ray tracing on team green didn’t justify the price tags IMO… it cranks away well in everything else I’ve thrown at it, including video editing and gaming on my ultra wide…

Never would i have imagined that zwift wouldn’t take advantage of hardware and still be written in such an inefficient way…

Hi @Dave_ZPCMR and @gloscherrybomb

can we continue here…that’s different topic :smiley:

I have Zwift in Windowed mode all the time…Sauce is Overlay mode.

Is it a problem of OBS settings or somewhere else?

My PC in garage for Zwift with HDMI to TV 1920x1080

TV will likely have a fixed refresh rate of 60hz (rather than adaptive).

Go in to Nvidia settings and set a framerate cap of 59 and report back!

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This should do it?

Don’t follow any such guides when it comes to Zwift, they’re almost universally inaccurate or wrong.

See the files section in the group you just joined. :wink: