Loss of riders in group ride

Yesterday whilst doing the #Herd endurance ride, running on my iPhone 6s, connected HDMI to a TV, with latest software. I was suddenly riding alone, could see no one, no riders in nearby zwifters or on the right hand data pane. ( showing just me, --/45 for my position)

My speed/ cadence/ power were all still showing, both on m iPhone and my companion iPad app

The left hand KOM and lap times and my 30day PBs were showing and updating

Group chat was still working, and other ride members could see me, and respond to me on chat.

Internet seemed fine, my companion app was still working and discord and web browser still worked.

This happened to other riders too.

After a considerable time, everyone re-appeared

A worry when your halfway into a 7 hour 176Km ride !


I got the course completed banner. The extra XP points elevated me to the next level.
The next day I saw that I had NOT got the course badge and the bonus XP points had been taken away and I was dropped to my previous level.
After a 2 week delay I got a response from “support” :
“While I’d like to credit your account for the missing progress, I won’t be able to do so due to technical limitations” WTF !!!

do they think im going to do the 7.5 hours again?