Bugs following a group ride this morning

Using my iPad I joined the SZR Endurance event this morning (Danish time).
Everything was going fine until roughly 1 hour into the ride, when the Zwift app just froze. Every time i put the app in the background and back to the foreground, the game would continue for 1-2 seconds before freezing the UI again. Nothing within the app was responsive when it froze. Only solution was to force quit the application and restart it.
Upon re-entering the game I was able to continue my ride, i did so and put a lot of effort into catching up to the group before realising that I was not within the group “instance” of the game.
I decided to finish the 120KM solo and after the ride I saw that I had set new 1, 5 and 20 minute power bests during my attempt of catching up to the group.
I finished the ride and hoped to see the Ceramic Speed challenge being completed (that’s why I did the 120K in the first place), but surprised to see that no kilometers counted. The activity was correctly saved, but did not count towards the challenge. Investigating further made me realise that the 1, 5 and 20 minute power bests had also been reset to their previous values.
To make things even more weird, the automatic activity screenshot taken by Zwift makes no sense at all.
The screenshot was taken after 42 minutes - at this point I was still in the group ride wearing the SZR jersey, however the screenshot shows that I am alone wearing the orange Zwift jersey. (It also shows that I push 5.2w/kg with a HR of 115, which is completely outrageous for me, but obviously not complaining about that :wink:)

Any idea what might have happened? I’d really love to get the best power intervals back and the Ceramic Speed challenge completed :confused: