Loss of controllable function for my Wahoo Kickr Core

My set up was working fine for a while with my Kickr connected to Zwift via the companion app. For some reason the controllable function seems to no longer be connecting? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @trevor_pride, welcome to the forums!

Can you tell us more about your setup? What device are you using for Zwift (PC, iphone, Apple TV, etc?), why are you relying on the companion app to bridge the signal rather than directly connecting to the device?

Have you powered everything off, force closed all Zwift apps, restarted and tried pairing again?

Hi Mike, Thanks for responding,
I am connected directly to my PC. When I go to the pairing screen and tap on the settings icon at the top of the screen and select either option (bluetooth or via companion app) the problem is the same. The spanner signal next to the power source icon only appears when the controllable function is selected. Would an Ant+ dongle connected to my PC make any difference?
Thanks TP

I personally use ANT with my windows 10 PC and have much better success than when I used bluetooth. I also have a Kickr Core. I would suggest you switch to ANT+ FE-C as it is much more stable.

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Thanks Mike,
I will give this a try.