London route - name of section?

There’s an underground station you cycle through when heading towards London Bridge and I’m trying to find the name of the section with the steep incline (where there would normally be an escalator/steps)?

I’ve started picking up pace by the stationary tube carriage so I’m hitting the hill at pace and I want to record my times for the section. There are so many sections, I’m struggling to pinpoint which one it is / what it’s called and where it starts/ends?

Any ideas/help?


If you are talking about tracking it on Strava, I think it is too short of an incline to have its own segment.

Yep, on Strava, just wondered which segment it was part of?

There are probably dozens of segments that include it. I think the one you are talking about is near the starting pens in the upper right hand corner of the map so you can check out which segments contain that area.

I believe the Metro Uphill segment is the closest to what you are looking for.

Do the route then look in the Strava analysis, under the map and profile are shown all of the segments in graphical mode, choose one at the escalator position.

It’s called ‘Subway Stairs 15%’
Have fun