Map Question

Does anyone know what the heck the colored dotted line on the map here is? I’ve seen it ever since London expanded out to the hills and have always been curious.

That line depicts, effectively, where ‘reality’ becomes ‘fantasy’ with regard to the map. On the London city side of that line your rides will correspond to actual streets within the actual city of London. On the ‘Surrey Hills’ side of that line (after you go through the ‘Tube’) you are, from a terrain POV, somewhere miles away from London. But if you look at this on a map (in Strava, for example) it will look like you are just riding roughshod through London streets and buildings. In some ways you could think of the dotted line as a ‘fold’ in a map (remember those?) where two disconnected sections are just placed next to each other.

Thanks! That totally makes sense!

And yep, I’m old enough to remember folds in maps :wink:

In that case, maybe you can also think of it as one of those ‘fold-ins’ on the back page of Mad Magazine! :wink:

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Now that’s a blast from the past! Those things were hilarious! :laughing: