Login On Every Zwift Start

since some month I have to Login to Zwift on every Start of the App - On MacOS.
I testest complete cleanup and reinstall of Zwift and also a new MacBook - All the same problem.
On first start it asks for normal login user and password and after then, a new Login appears, wich comes on every Zwift start.

In the END this will result in less secure Passwords for fast login. This is a total stupid feature and I hope it is Bug…
Is there any workaround?

Best regards!

It is definitely not normal. I have not experienced this problem (also using mac) but I remembered seeing a thread about this not long ago… and it’s you! :grinning:

Since you’ve done the clean install and switched to another machine, that makes me wonder if this is something for Zwift support to investigate.

With your new mac, did you do a Time Machine restore from the old mac, or is it a completely pristine setup?

yes, this was my post :wink: But until this post I tried something, but nothing fixed this problem…
It happend after re-activate my account during summer cancelation…

The Zwift folder was Excluded from TimeMachine. This also happend on change the Architecture from Intel to M2…
The next is, that Zwift added this ■■■■, stupid and useless Chat-Bot, so there is no chance to open a ticket at Zwift directly…

Best regards

You can get past the chat bot by being persistent. Keep telling it that you still need help and whatever it suggested didn’t work.

Same here. iPad 10th gen iOS 16.6.1 I have to log in every time I start the Zwift app.

My Problem is solved… It was a migration problem from Intel-Mac to ARM-Mac using timemachine.
Im removed Zwift completely, remove the Zwift Folder and re-install fresh from downloaded installer.
Now it workes!

Thanks to the Zwift support!