Live Zwift Support Chat - a bit annoying

 The offer for a “Live Chat” session every time I open up the Zwift Support website is a bit annoying.  Can we make it an option?

Hi Cleve,

From our vantage point, it takes up a tiny bit of un-used real estate in the lower corner of our website (see image). Is it not behaving like that for you?

If you click on one of the options above like knowledge base, live chat opens saying can we help?. You have to click settings end chat for it go away.

If you do not do this and just minimize everytime you click on a question it opens for a second or two then close with a 1 new instead of help


slightly annoying

Yes, this huge chat window was opening up every time I opened the support website. It seems to have stopped doing that, just have the little orange help box now.  Thanks!

is this live chat


No, this is a forum