How can I access live support?

Does anyone know how to access the live support where you can ask a question and get real time answers from a live person? I did this about a week ago, but now I am not finding where I accessed it. Any help would be appreciated!

You can submit a ticket:

Or you can try contacting them on Twitter.

What issues are you having the users on the forums might be able to assist you faster.

Thanks, I did submit a ticket and Zwift replied…apparently the live chat option  (same place as submitting a ticket) may only show up during their live chat hours, 9AM-9PM PCT…I think I tried too early this last time and the live chat option did not display…when I had (2) live chats with them about other issues they were great. I’m guessing I happened to try it during those hours…I’ll try later today and see. Meanwhile, I did get my question answered…thanks for responding though!

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Hi Julie,

Our old chat ours were 9AM - 9PM Pacific time, however we’ve expanded those support hours in recent weeks, and are currently offering live chat support on Saturdays and Sundays as well, whereas we did not previously. 

Just something to keep in mind for future reference. Ride On!