Live text companion

Live text doesn’t work in the companion app (Iphone software 15.7.2) and links don’t either

iPhone is now on iOS 16.2, or something like that. You might update your phone and see if that fixes things.

I’ve seen the same problem as Vlada. I haven’t updated yet out of fear of the Companion not connecting bug (still active since September)

Also quite a few phones (6S and 7) can run 15 but not 16, and 15 is still within full support from both Apple and Zwift.

The problem with hyperlinks is a minor annoyance for me, not worth the (small?) possibility of more significant breakage with the upgrade.

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it worked on older versions too :see_no_evil:

Yes it definitely worked earlier this year (except for being unable to click on a link that was on the last line of the description)

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Hyperlinks in event descriptions work for me now with the 3.43 release of Companion. I tested before and after the update and the behavior appears to have changed.

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