Listen to iTunes during Zwift PC

Hi there,

I have recently been using the Apple TV 4K which I can ride and listen to music at the same time using the (iTunes) Remote app. Which works very well and is highly enjoyable.

I am hoping to begin using a PC with a decent spec graphics card so that I can run Zwift in FULL 4k glory.

I have tried running Zwift PC and having iTunes PC running in the background, controlled by the (iTunes) Remote app for music selection.

When I open Zwift in fullscreen any of my previously playing music stops and I cannot get anything to play thereafter. 

Should this scenario work? To me it should!


Thank you 

No sure what is wrong with your setup. I have been running playing iTunes in the background while using Zwift for 2 1/2 years both in full screen and windowed mode without issue.

Hey Paul!

Thanks for the info. I was hoping it would be something with my set up. I’ll try and see what I’m doing wrong then.


Just so you know, I have all the music stored locally and just shuffle a playlist I created, no streaming whats so ever.

Aye, same here. The music is stored on a NAS.

Hey Matthew, if opening Zwift is still pausing your music, can you try right clicking your Volume icon (megaphone) on your PC and select “Open Volume Mixer.” Check to see if iTunes is muted or low volume in those settings while you have the Zwift application open.

If your iTunes volume is not muted and you can still only hear Zwift I recommend you send in a support ticket using this link. We’ll help you out and get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible!